Everything you need, from identifying the right talent to successful hiring, CareerHarmony’s applicant tracking system is the gold standard of recruitment today.


Manage your candidates efficiently

All the information you need in one place

  • Easily create candidate profiles using resume parsing technology, and keep all the relevant information in one place with simple access at your fingertips.
  • Actionable candidate card: refer to positions, send emails, perform recruitment tasks, schedule meetings and more.

Find and merge duplicate entries

  • Effortlessly detect duplicate profiles, and automatically merge them into one candidate.

Manage communication with your candidates

  • Seamlessly create personalized and branded email and text messages, ensuring an enhanced candidate experience

Easily handle your organization’s recruitment processes

Tailoring and sharing capabilities are all built-in

  • Share available positions across websites, job boards, social sites and other networking sites.
  • Customize position templates to easily create a vast library.
  • Easily form custom workflows to support multiple recruitment processes.

Tailored for maximum flexibility

Fully customize the recruitment process to your business needs and corporate identity

  • Trigger event-based or status-based actions within your workflow, such as: perform recruiting tasks, send notifications and alerts, qualify or disqualify candidates.
  • Workflow setup is done easily, using a set of intuitive application tools.
  • Pre-screen candidates based on customized questionnaires and assessments, using objective and subjective scores.
  • Fully customize candidate experience to fit your brand.

Find the best candidates faster

Increase candidate matching efficiency

  • Discover talents using Best Match – a fully customized advanced Boolean search tool.
  • Find the most suitable candidates from a large pool, using an easy and simple search.
  • Narrow down your candidate lists, using filters and saved searches.

Work as one to reach success

Teamwork provides better recruiting results

  • Create and assign tasks to your team for an effective task-driven process.
  • Share feedback and notes with team members throughout the recruitment process.
  • Create a structured interviewing process, by building interview templates.
  • Manage your hiring team, by customizing team permissions and access.

Keep everyone on the same page

The effectiveness of advanced reporting capabilities

  • Create configurable reports and dashboards, tailored to your specific goals and KPIs.
  • Use drilldown capabilities and advanced filters to gain recruiting activity insights.
  • Scheduled periodic reports delivered directly to your email.