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We are constantly evaluating and adding more integrations. If there’s a tool you can’t find here, we will gladly add it!

Partnership makes perfect. CareerHarmony’s open API enables seamless integrations with a vast variety of recruitment and HR platforms and tools from selected providers, providing an end-to end solution to better support your hiring needs.


Gain insights into your recruitment processes and achieve true business value


Instantly discover important business insights from complex data and rapidly take informed decisions and data-driven actions by using this data analytics software.


Offer a more interactive and conversational recruitment process


Leveraging the cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, hiring automation and AI chatbots for recruiting, XOR is an enterprise SaaS platform that will streamline the most challenging and time-consuming processes in recruiting.


Streamline your business processes and build stronger relationships

Microsoft Dynamics

Easily unify data and relationships and streamline business processes by integrating with the all-in-one business management solution.


Easily create the candidate profile with the most relevant information

Join Vision

Save time on manual task and extract the most relevant information and convert it to a well-structured candidate profile using this fully automated, customizable, multilingual CV parser and analyzer.


Save time, increase efficiency and boost productivity by using this automated CV parsing and analysis tool that effortlessly loads candidate information to your candidate database.


Seamlessly promote your job opportunities to multiple channels in a single click


Gain incredible value by leveraging Monster’s power to reach and connect with the most qualified candidates with your open job opportunities.


Access the world’s largest network of job boards, free and niche websites, as well as social channels to post your job adverts to the best combination of channels for you and your business.


Instantly grow your talent pool and extend your reach to external candidate sources


Easily tap into a larger talent pool by searching for prospective candidates in the #1 job site in the world with over 200 million unique visitors every month.


Increase your reach and build your talent pool faster by sourcing for potential candidates in the world’s largest professional network with more than half a million users in 200 countries.


Save time and screen candidate using video interviews


The video interviewing software that saves time and offers exceptional candidate journey by fast tracking the right candidates through the interview process.


Drastically speed up the long recruitment process and provide a convenient interview experience for both recruiter and candidate by using one of the more commonly used video chat software.


Simple login process for a smoother user experience


Provide a smoother candidate experience by enabling your prospective candidate to register and apply to your job opportunities using their social profile credentials.

Microsoft azure

Increase data protection, save time and improve overall user experience by enabling your recruiters a quicker and easier access using their Microsoft login details.


Improve your candidate experience and shorten the job application process by allowing your candidates to quickly apply using their professional profile credentials.


Communicate with your candidates anywhere in the world


Increase candidate engagement and communicate better with your candidates by leveraging the global reach of this cloud communication platform and send SMS to any phone, anywhere in the world.


Identify best-fit candidates and increase employee retention


Improve hiring quality and streamline your recruitment process by using the leading-edge psychometrics assessments that place the right people in the right roles.

Furst Person

Empower talent acquisition teams to make better hiring decisions using these pre-employment tests and other talent assessment tools that predicts performance and retention.


Improve recruitment efficiency while maintaining a great candidate experience by harnessing highly predictive, job-specified assessments that measure what matters most in candidates.


Assess and score language proficiency using Bright’s language tests that have become the standard in many multinational firms.

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