Candidate evaluation is made easy with our extensive field-proven library of tests, written by top-tier HR professionals, to identify the best talent.

Vast Assessments Library

  • Assessments include Aptitude, Personality and Behavioral and Skills and Simulations tests.
  • A comprehensive package of assessments, constantly updated to meet future requirements.

Prepackaged Assessments

  • Tests can be configured and seamlessly integrated, as a primary part of the candidate workflow.
  • Extensive multidimensional test library covers a full range of competencies including aptitude, personality, knowledge and specific job skills.
  • Existing batteries for popular job titles (Sales, Administration, Engineering, etc.)

Customizable Assessments

  • Multi-cultural and multi lingual solutions, available in more than 30 languages and in more than 50 countries.
  • Customize and adjust everything to suit you: scores based on population norms, solutions to match specific job profiles, content-validated sessions, etc.
  • Cross browser and mobile enabled, with responsive layout compatible with different screen resolutions.

Informed Decisions

  • All assessments and information are presented in a clear and comprehensible format.
  • Competency score profile presented on standardized scales (stanines), based on relevant norm populations, indicating the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Predictive analysis is supported by combining subjective scores (interview) and objective scores (assessment) to foresee candidate success on a scale of 1-9.
  • Overall job suitability scores based on weighted averages as well as additional quantitative assessments.

Validated by Professionals

  • Tests developed and based on analysis by professional psychologists and content experts.
  • Assessments are vetted by our international advisory board of organizational and industrial psychologists, to ensure they remain accurate predictors of job performance.