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About ManpowerGroup



ManpowerGroup employs approximately 29,000 employees, operating in 2,700 branches in 80 countries around the world, which enable it to develop and improve its applicable methods in its areas of expertis

ManpowerGroup is the world leader

in advanced HR solutions

Founded in 1948 in Milwaukee, USA, ManpowerGroup has been the flagship of innovation and business leadership, constantly adapting itself to the evolving career world and the perception of modern employment. Its rapid response and dynamic nature enable the exchange of information, regular updating and understanding of new, global and local needs.

ManpowerGroup’s spirit is founded on 3 building blocks

people, knowledge and innovation


We view human capital as the origin of our existence, and act with full commitment to the values of honesty, fair employment, trust and transparency.


We work tirelessly to accumulate knowledge and deep understanding in all areas of our activity, in favor of smart and efficient solutions for our clients.


We develop and promote new methods, using advanced technologies, and maintain our status as pioneers in the world of employment.


has been active in Israel for over 50 years

Led by the Group’s Chairman Amnon Reder, ManpowerGroup Israel provides solutions to over 10,000 customers through an up-to-date database of approximately one million candidates and dozens of branches across the country.

Thanks to its vast knowledge, resources and tools at its disposal, as well as years of specialization, professionalism and networking in the local market, ManpowerGroup has successfully managed to cope with the changing employment conditions and the challenges of the “human era” for decades.


Specializes in managing people and knowledge in the field of HR, recruitment and placement of employees, career counseling and guidance outplacement processes – work solutions for medium and small employers for permanent and flexible placement, and nursing services.


Solutions Specializes in outsourcing, managing and operating projects of varying scope in the areas of HR, operations and logistics, as well as language, translation and localization services.


Specializes in technology and IT services, BI and Big Data solutions, and cyber protection services, training, employment and recruitment for high-tech and technology companies, recruitment and placement of senior executives in biotech finance, marketing and sales.


Specializes in ATS and talent assessment solutions, providing countless customers with revolutionary SaaS talent management systems. Its advanced technologies promote better hiring decisions, deliver improved business productivity and ultimately increase talent retention.

ManpowerGroup sees human capital

as the basis for its existence

That is the reason its guiding lights are values of respect, trust and fair treatment of employees and customers, both domestically and abroad. The company is committed to a global ethical code and adheres to rules of cooperation, transparency and innovation.