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About CareerHarmony



With over 18 years of experience, CareerHarmony has written the book on using advanced technologies that promote better hiring decisions, deliver improved business productivity and ultimately increase talent retention

CareerHarmony is the world leader

in innovative workforce solutions

CareerHarmony, part of ManpowerGroup, the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, is the global benchmark of ATS and talent assessment solutions, providing countless customers with revolutionary SaaS talent management systems.

CareerHarmony’s solutions are used in 50 countries

CareerHarmony delivers cloud-based talent management solutions that offer a rich variety of validated, off-the-shelf assessments and sophisticated decision making tools. Thanks to CareerHarmony, organizations today are better equipped to make smart hiring decisions, increase efficiency throughout their talent acquisition lifecycle and reduce cost-to-hire.

Today, CareerHarmony’s solutions are used in 50 countries, have been localized into 21 languages, and serve many Fortune 500 companies worldwide, with tens of thousands of candidates assessed on the company’s platform every month. CareerHarmony’s customized solutions make it possible for organizations to source and match the right talent and help attract, manage and assess talent, while providing an improved candidate experience.

CareerHarmony values stem from its parent company ManpowerGroup

Striving to provide the finest and most up-to-date solutions that are always ahead of the curve, to all its customers. Thanks to the strong backbone of ManpowerGroup, the company promises constant development and reliability, benefiting its customers and contributing to their ongoing success.