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With CareerHarmony’s applicant tracking system you can find the best employees that you really want, significantly improve time-to-hire and cut cost-per-hire

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Stop Guessing

Start Predicting.

With the tons of data out there, predictive analysis is a real game changer for HR departments, using Big Data to make smarter, more informed decisions about talent recruitment.

CareerHarmony gives you the insight to cut through the sea of data, select best-fit candidates and improve quality of hire for enhanced talent retention. This highly effective tool has a significant impact on increasing the speed of hiring and improving business productivity.

Find the perfect match

Assessment Made Smarter

With CareerHarmony you get an extensive library of pre-packaged validated assessment tests. You can configure them as an integral part of the candidate workflow, customize them to suit multi-cultural and multi-lingual solutions, available in more than 30 languages in more than 50 countries. This helps you to evaluate faster and more accurately, and effectively identify qualified talent.

Customers’ Stories

“With CareerHarmony we manage our candidates more efficiently and improve our candidate experience. We are able to simplify the daily work and process of our recruitment. We are glad to work with CareerHarmony and therefore we highly recommend it.”

Anne-Katrin Froehlich-Hartung,
Managing Advisor Recruitment

“We started using CareerHarmony’s system on September 2016. The system is advanced, up-to-date and user friendly. It allows us to run and manage entire recruitment processes from different types. CareerHarmony’s team is one of a kind, professional and attentive, and provides quick replies and support, while trying to assist with any unclear issue. You are great. Thank you!”

Shiri Bore,
Recruitment Team Manager

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